Abyssum Connector 2017

An ancient, forgotten, and taboo traditions. This old forbidden world in modern society. A connection between ritual worshipping ceremony and dup, trip-hop dance floor. For those who have an ears and want to find something interesting in this grey music reality.


released January 21, 2017



Abyssum Connector

tags: experimental dark ambient Austin


by Общество Коцит — Theory

Конечная — это среда, которая ест человека изнутри, терминальная стадия деградации. Стагнация во всём, что называется словом “человеческое”. И то, что делает нас людьми — быт, он же сжигает нас раз за разом: “…и снова быт, снова быт заедает, и как с ним быть, как с ним быть, прямо и не знаю…” (Н. Ложкин).
Выход в такой ситуации находится в последствиях соц. Детерминизма. Теория убийства и преступления, которые были совершены от безысходности вызванной слабостью духа и падением моральных ценностей.
В наш век, в наше время такое девиантное поведение уже не удивляет и становится самой популярной у людей имеющих дело с криминалом.
Есть ли свет в конце этого бытового туннеля или там тупик? Поглотит ли общество эта непроглядная серость, задушит ли каждого человека по отдельности? Будет ли с молоком матери впитываться в каждого ребёнка?
Вопросы без ответов. Мы выходим на ‘конечной’ или сделаем ещё круг?


released January 14, 2017


Destruction of thought

1 Introduction
2 Running heavy machinery
3 The mechanism of a quick death
4 Organic substance
5 Lack of will gray mass
6 The irreversible process of degradation
7 Manifestation of animal instincts
8 Unmotivated cruelty
9 The decline and lack of will
10 Never-ending hunger
11 The pursuit of a defenseless victim
12 Picnic outdoors
13 Flame fires of the Inquisition
14 Sacrificial altar
15 Last Ritual
16 Forgetfulness and death


released October 14, 2016


Theory – Red Book EP Out Now

Before the end of 2016 we have one more release you cant miss!
Theory is one of the pseudonyms of Antuan Graftio which already built up an impressive resume by releasing 32 albums and EPs since 2005. This Russian native is also involved in noise acts Sacris Tandem and Conjuncture where you might know his music from.
His style can`t be pinpointed to one style but as Theory he operates somewhere between Industrial, Ambient and Electronica. The release on Mindtrick Records is a mini album called “Red Book” and as he stated himself sounds like:
“Depressing monotonous music with philosophical overtones”.

Agree or disagree but there is something special about his approach and sound which we found very impressive.
And we are more than pleased to welcome him to the roster.

The album will be released just after Christmas of 2016 and will get you through the darker days of the year into 2017!


Теперь мой альбом под названием «COMMUNICATION WITH THE WORLD – ZERO» можно купить в цифровых магазинах. Проект «Theory» автор музыки Antuan Graftio. Аминь.







Communication with the world – zero.

Communication with the world – zero. https://graftio.bandcamp.com/album/communication-with-the-world-zero

001 Shaky connection to the world
002 Infinite communication
003 Ode to the time spent in the woods
004 Park melancholy
005 Romantic mood
006 Scraps of memories
007 Hammers clockwork
008 Bloodless revolution in consciousness
009 A series of unsolvable problems
010 The morning of the next day
011 A protest march
012 Pulse eternity
013 Means for final calculations

Under the «theory» author and performer Antoine Graftio in August 2016 recorded a new album entitled «Communication with the world — zero.»
The main idea of the album «Communication with the world — zero» is the attempt of modern humanity ignore the reality that in most cases leads to negative or even dramatic events.
The musical concept is a tour of the modern styles of alternative dance music, which means that the composition of the album «Communication with the world — zero» is not tied to a particular style and direction.
The album «Relationship with the world — zero» Boden primarily interested in all the fans of experimental music, as the music of this work are no battered bottoms and the stereotypes.